The Heights


Our No Frills bunkhouse is a great way to stay in Llanberis without paying for hotel facilities you don’t want or risking your campsite getting flooded!
Our rooms are configured as follows:

1 x 10-Bed Male Dorm (10 spaces Males only)
1 x 8-Bed Female Dorm (8 spaces Females only)
1 x 8-Bed Mixed Dorm (8 spaces total)
4 x 6-Bed Mixed Dorm (24 spaces total)
3 x 4-Bed Mixed Dorm (12 spaces total)
1 x 2-Bed Mixed Dorm (2 spaces total)

All our bunk spaces are available to book individually online via, starting from £28 per person, per night. Please contact us beforehand if your wish to secure a whole bunk room for a single party.

Please note: No children or pets are allowed to stay

Breakfast is not included.

Guests are asked to bring along their own pillows, blankets and towels as these are not provided.

Stag and Hen Parties are not welcome in our accommodation. 

Bunk House